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Dutch Budget 2015 (Engelstalig)

With the deficit falling in line with expectations, the Dutch 2015 Budget contained only limited new policy measures. 2015 will be yet another year of austerity, and major reforms in health care and the labour market will be implemented.


Scotland: from troubled marriage to happy single? (Engelstalig)

For the first time an opinion poll showed a small majority in favour of Scottish independence. In this Economic Report, we present a general picture of an independent Scottish economy and the risks and opportunities Scotland will face if the Scots vote ‘yes’ to independence from the UK.

Themabericht Engelstalige versie

Internationale huizenprijzen en beleid

De huizenprijsontwikkeling in de Westerse wereld is van een jarenlange prijsdaling omgeslagen in een gemiddelde prijsstijging, op nog steeds een historisch gezien hoog niveau. Hoe is dit te verklaren? Is hier wat tegen te doen?


How to tackle the ‘Custo Brasil’ (Engelstalig)

Due to the so-called “Custo Brasil” Brazil is a relatively expensive place to do business. Three important growth bottlenecks are primarily responsible for this Custo Brasil: the tax system and red tape, lack of good infrastructure and human capital constraints.


Democracy, Brazilian style (Engelstalig)

Brazil’s political system generally makes it difficult and time-consuming to implement far-reaching reforms. Furthermore, the system seems to be affected by a lot of patronage and corrupt practices. In this report we explain why this is the case.


Brazil’s social challenges (Engelstalig)

In the past decade, Brazil has managed to substantially bring down its traditionally high levels of inequality and poverty. However, inequality is still high and relatively weak public services result in institutional inequality.


Brazil’s economic model: In need of a revamp (Engelstalig)

The recent performance of the Brazilian economy has been disappointing. We conclude that consumption and commodity exports cannot continue to drive growth. To reinvigorate its economic model Brazil needs to increase investment and productivity.


Brazil’s macro economy, past and present (Engelstalig)

Brazil’s has turbulent macroeconomic history. Since the launch of the Plano Real in 1994, Brazil’s macroeconomic environment has become increasingly. However, more recently growth has disappointed.