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Spain: investment is back, consumption is up (Engelstalig)

Spain’s economic recovery has strengthened in the third quarter, mainly due to growth in consumption and investment. This also improves next year’s growth outlook. Meanwhile, the external rebalancing is in full swing and government finances are improving.

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Visie op 2015

In de Visie op 2015 presenteert de Rabobank haar economische verwachtingen voor het komende jaar. Samen met de macro-economische 'Visie op 2015' verschijnt onder meer de themabrochure 'Vooruitgang in de nieuwe economische realiteit'.


Spain: GDP and employment growth on the rise (Engelstalig)

GDP growth remains robust, mainly owing to a rise in private consumption. We expect employment growth to pick up, especially in the services sector. The fiscal reform announced in the wake of next year’s election puts the deficit target at risk.


Spain: increasing growth, decreasing inflation (Engelstalig)

Gradually increasing GDP growth in recent quarters and a further improvement of sentiment show that the Spanish recovery is on a solid footing. However, despite this recovery, inflation remains worryingly low.


Country Report Spain (Engelstalig)

Despite the improvement of the short term economic outlook, several bottlenecks of the Spanish economy (rigid labour market, weak banking sector) desire policy urgency. Unfortunately, upcoming elections are clearly weighing on the political support to continue with necessary reforms.


Spain: Growing while rebalancing (Engelstalig)

Recent data show that the gradual recovery of the Spanish economy will continue going forward. In addition, ongoing export growth and muted wage pressure indicate that the much needed rebalancing process is still on track.