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The Tequila crisis in 1994 (Engelstalig)

In this report we will focus on the crisis of 1994 in Mexico, where a strong devaluation of the peso led to both a currency and banking crisis, while a sovereign crisis was just prevented.


The Mexican 1982 debt crisis (Engelstalig)

In August 1982, Mexico was the first of many Latin American countries to default on its sovereign debt. This report covers the main characteristics of the Mexican debt crisis as well as its main causes and triggers.


Country Report Oman (Engelstalig)

Small-scale social unrest remains present in Oman and the increase in current government spending is a concern. Succession risks remain, as long as Sultan Said al Said fails to appoint a successor.


Country Report Curacao (Engelstalig)

Curacao is currently facing difficult times, both politically and economically. While economic growth was again disappointing in 2012, Curacao’s political year was characterized with four different prime-ministers and the killing of a politician.

Themabericht Engelstalige versie

Prinsjesdag: een herhaling van zetten

De bonte verzameling hoofddeksels is het grootste nieuws van Prinsjesdag. Want de troonrede is opnieuw doordrenkt van de bezuinigingsretoriek. De hoogte van het begrotingstekort lijkt de enige maatstaf te zijn voor de economische toestand in Nederland.


The Russian Crisis 1998 (Engelstalig)

Russia’s fixed exchange rate regime together with its fragile fiscal position appeared to be unsustainable in the course of 1998. By then an outbreak of a severe banking, currency and sovereign debt crisis could not be prevented.


India: Battered but not beaten (Engelstalig)

Tapering talk has sent the Indian rupee to record lows, but India is not a blameless victim. It struggles with fundamental issues constraining economic growth, large twin deficits and declining investor confidence on the back of inadequate reforms.


Economic Update Russia (Engelstalig)

Russia’s economic growth has continued to slow this year and we expect 2.2% growth in 2013. The central bank is likely to loosen monetary policy amid falling inflation. The government’s stimulus measures are justifiable, but no effect is expected in the very short term.


France: A jobless recovery (Engelstalig)

A strong GDP figure in 13Q2 and rising sentiment levels show that economic conditions are improving. That said, the GDP figure was boosted by temporary factors while the rigid labour market does not show any signs of recovery yet.


Spain: Adios recesión? (Engelstalig)

A better than expected GDP figure for 13Q2 and rising sentiment levels suggest that economic conditions are improving. That said, a quick housing market and labour market recovery is not on the cards yet.