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Colombia (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The security situation in Colombia has improved recently on the back of military successes against guerrillas and drug gangs, but the activities of the latter two groups continue to have a sizeable social cost.


Macedonia (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Economic growth in Macedonia is recovering from the global financial crisis and is expected to increase to around 2-3% in 2011/12.


Panama (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Benefiting from the expansion of the Panama Canal and a series of large-scale public investment projects, the Panamanian economy emerged from the global economic crisis as the bestperforming Central American economy, posting 7.5% economic growth in 2010.

Economisch Kwartaalbericht

Focus: The Arab spring (Engelstalig)

It's a compelling tale. With wave after wave of protests sweeping through country after country, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) finally appear ready for a democratic, peaceful future. The truth is – obviously – more complicated.


Czech Republic (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Despite strong economic growth in the Czech Republic’s main trading partner Germany, the country’s economic recovery remains sluggish amidst ongoing budgetary consolidation and relatively tempered export growth.


Slovak Republic (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The small open economy of Slovakia rebounded comparatively well from the 2009 recession, posting 4% economic growth in 2010 on the back of strongly recovering exports. Domestic demand, however, did not yet contribute to economic growth and its contribution in the coming years will be limited by the government’s austerity measures.


The Philippines (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The Philippine economy is estimated to grow by 5-6% in 2011. The triple disaster in Japan could adversely affect this estimate, as the country has deep trade and investment links with the Philippines.


Thailand (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The unstable political and social situation remains the largest country risk for Thailand. While the situation has stabilized compared to the large-scale violent riots last year, uncertainty remains until the next general elections.