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Uncovering country risk in bond spreads (Engelstalig)

When assessing risk in emerging markets, rating agencies used to apply the theory of the sovereign ceiling. This report highlights the reason behind the rating agencies dropping this theory. Furthermore, it shows why investing in local companies at times is less risky than investing in the sovereign.


Een (in)greep uit de staatskas?

Afgelopen zomer ‘vierde’ de kredietcrisis haar eerste verjaardag. Van een feestje was geen sprake. Integendeel, de kredietcrisis kreeg in de laatste maanden een steeds grimmiger karakter. In de loop van dit jaar moesten alle registers worden opengetrokken om een systeemcrisis te voorkomen.


HIPC debt relief: less debt, more growth and development? (Engelstalig)

In the last few years Sub-Sahara Africa has experienced the strongest economic growth in more than thirty years. This report explains how the so-called HIPC debt relief initiative has contributed to this reversal of economic fortunes. While the debt relief itself was useful, it is the conditions that were attached that made the real difference.