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Economisch Kwartaalbericht Engelstalige versie

Sputterende wereldeconomie raakt nu ook Nederland

De Nederlandse economie zal in 2016 naar verwachting groeien met 1¾ procent en in 2017 met 1½ procent. Ten opzichte van ons vorige Kwartaalbericht valt de groei lager uit. Dit is vooral het gevolg van een groeivertraging in de voor Nederland belangrijke handelspartners.


A realistic discount rate (Engelstalig)

Dutch Minister Kamp of Social Affairs recently announced plans to artificially increase the discount rate used by pension funds to value their liabilities. This Special Report looks at the desirability of the proposed changes.

Economisch commentaar

Dutch pension cuts imminent (Macro Comment) (Engelstalig)

Three of the largest Dutch pension funds have recently announced that pay-out cuts are imminent. The reasons are insufficient recovery of financial markets, low interest rates and increasing life expectancy.

Economisch Kwartaalbericht

The Netherlands: No surprises (Engelstalig)

While the economy still appeared to be firing on all cylinders in the first quarter of 2011, by the second quarter the increase in economic activity had stagnated all but completely. The Dutch economy grew by only 0.1% on a quarterly basis, a rate that nevertheless did not come as a surprise