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Overview of options for the housing market (Engelstalig)

This document maps out the effects of the respective election platforms for the economy as published by the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. We conclude with our view of the likely and most desirable outcome of the coalition talks.


A realistic discount rate (Engelstalig)

Dutch Minister Kamp of Social Affairs recently announced plans to artificially increase the discount rate used by pension funds to value their liabilities. This Special Report looks at the desirability of the proposed changes.

Economisch Kwartaalbericht

The Netherlands: Towards the elections (Engelstalig)

The Dutch economy has not yet managed to escape the mire, and faces rising unemployment, shrinking consumption, falling house prices and a lack of business investment. The coming months will be decisive in several respects.


Economic Update the Netherlands (Engelstalig)

In the second quarter, the Dutch economy grew by 0.2% compared to the previous quarter. The Dutch economy continued to depend on international trade, while the domestic demand remained very weak.