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Gasflation (Engelstalig)

US and European natural gas prices have jumped to multi-year highs; to the extent that comparisons with the 1970’s oil crises are perhaps not as far-fetched as some would think.


Eurozone pent-up demand: big and decisive or over-estimated and uncertain? (Engelstalig)

A recovery in consumption this year seems all but certain, but expectations about its vigour – underpinned by the ‘pent-up demand’ narrative – could well be too optimistic. Although Eurozone households have stacked up some EUR600bn in additional saving since the pandemic, we argue that a sizeable part of those savings will probably stick. In this research note we explore three scenarios.

Special Engelstalige versie

De toekomst van de Bitcoin

De snelle stijging van de Bitcoinprijs leidt weer tot stevige debatten over de toekomst van deze crypto. Daarbij rijzen prangende vragen over de toekomst van de Bitcoin. In deze special tracht ik deze vragen van een antwoord te voorzien.