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Asia-Pacific: agricultural perspectives (Engelstalig)

Asia Pacific is a decisive component in the global food chain. Asia’s large and growing population and rising incomes will continue to drive demand for food, agricultural commodities and resources. But Asia cannot produce enough to support itself.


Asia-Pacific: can Asia’s convergence story continue? (Engelstalig)

Demographics will provide headwinds in the developed countries of APAC and China, and tailwinds in South Asia. While total factor productivity growth has fallen, the innovation outlook for the APAC region is still relatively favourable.


Zin en onzin over Chinese kapitaalvlucht

In tegenstelling tot wat media meldden bieden data over handel met Hong Kong weinig bewijs voor massale kapitaalvlucht. Naast aflossing van buitenlandse schuld, lijkt kapitaalvlucht niettemin een flink deel van de daling van de reserves te kunnen verklaren.