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Recession United States on the radar (Engelstalig)

Our early warning system based on the yield curve continues to point at a recession in the United States in the second half of 2020. However, our ‘recession radar’ suggests that the US economy is not in recession yet and is not likely to be in the near term.


French Reforms: A bumpy road lies ahead (Engelstalig)

Macron’s ambitious reform plans were blocked by the yellow vests protests last year. In an attempt to reaffirm his authority he has launched the “Grand National Debate”. Afterwards Macron will announce his new plans.


Ervaringen met CO2-beprijzing: zeven lessen

Veel economen denken dat CO2-beprijzing de beste manier is om de uitstoot van CO2 te reduceren. Dit stuk legt uit waarom, geeft een overzicht van CO2-beprijzing in andere landen en gaat in op mogelijke lessen voor Nederland.