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Sneller mondiaal economisch herstel: herbalancering en handelsliberalisering

Sinds de crisis richt beleid veelal op lopende rekeningtekortreductie, zonder daarbij in protectionisme te vervallen. Er wordt zelfs over baanbrekende handelsliberalisering onderhandeld die een bescheiden, maar welkome economische impuls kan leveren.


Chili: nature strikes (Engelstalig)

One of the strongest earthquakes to ever hit Chile occurred on 27 February 2010. The country’s infrastructure sustained massive damage and the death toll is currently estimated around 600. As a result of the earthquake, economic activity will be subdued in the short term.


Chili: a step to the right (Engelstalig)

Since the return to democracy in 1990, the center-left oriented coalition, the Concertación, had won every presidential election. In fact, Piñera is the first right-wing candidate to win a democratic presidential election since Jorge Allisandri Rodríguez won the presidency in 1958.