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De Duitse woningmarkt: een nieuwe zeepbel?

Na een stijging van de Duitse woningprijzen in 2011, lijkt deze opwaartse trend zich ook in 2012 voor te doen. De vraag is of de huidige prijsstijgingen kunnen worden verklaard door onderliggende factoren of dat het speculatie betreft.


Political risks in the eurozone (Special) (Engelstalig)

The eurozone's south is implementing austerity measures while the north is buying them the time to do so. Economic issues are usually extensively discussed. But what are the political risks that might render this strategy unfeasible?

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German deliberations on the ESM (Engelstalig)

On July 10, the German Constitutional Court holds the first hearing regarding appeals against the ESM, the fiscal compact and an amendment to Article 136 TFEU, which legally anchors a stability mechanism in the Treaty.

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Focus: The grass is greener to the East (Engelstalig)

As a result of its open character, the Dutch economy fluctuates along with the international economic cycle. The Netherlands is now again in recession, while GDP in Germany continues to grow. Is the grass greener in the East?

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Rente en Valuta (uit Econ. Kwartaalbericht)

De bancaire fundingmarkten laten voorzichtig herstel zien en de rentes op Spaans en Italiaans overheidspapier zijn sterk gedaald. De grote vraag is of de LTRO’s bijdragen aan een stucturele oplossing van de Europese schuldencrisis.

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Did Germany's GDP contract in 11Q4? (Engelstalig)

November’s industrial production figure has been interpreted by some as proof that Germany’s economy dipped into the red in the final quarter of 2011. We still believe a recession is not a done deal yet.

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Germany: Is recession a done deal? (Engelstalig)

Some have taken Germany’s recent annual growth figure (3%) as a sign that the economy has contracted by 0.2%-0.3% in 11Q4. But this will only hold true if the data on the first three quarters are not revised, which may well be the case.