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The Third Round of French Elections (Engelstalig)

On June 12 and 19, the French will go to the ballot boxes for the legislative elections. Polls indicate that Macron’s center coalition is set to win a majority, but this is far from certain. If he isn’t able to secure a majority, his hands will be tied to a significant extent.

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France: A Second Term for Macron (Engelstalig)

Macron has won a second term as president of France. His first term was quite successful from an economic point of view and he is likely to push on with his reform agenda. The degree to which he is able to do so, is dependent on the outcome of the legislative elections in June.


Hoe gaat Europa afkicken van Russische brandstoffen?

Als de invoer van Russisch gas stokt, komt onze gasvoorziening zonder verlaging van de vraag eind 2022 in de knel. Pijnloze oplossingen op de korte termijn zijn er dan ook niet en de recessierisico’s nemen in zo’n scenario aanzienlijk toe. Wel kan de huidige crisis mogelijk de energietransitie flink versnellen.


New Zealand: Two sides of the same coin (Engelstalig)

The economic effect of Omicron will be contained in Q1 before growth accelerates from Q2 onwards. However, higher prices and lower global growth, fuelled by the war in Ukraine, drag on economic growth in the second half of 2022. As such, the recovery is likely to be not as strong as it looks at face value.