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Rente en valuta: is er inflatie aan de horizon?

Na een uitermate turbulente periode zijn de markten door de centrale banken en overheden tot rust gemaand. Maar de zorgen over monetaire financiering nemen wel toe. Is er inflatie aan de horizon en krijgen we te maken met hogere rentes?


Which jobs are vulnerable in the six-foot economy? (Engelstalig)

The United States might be stuck with a so-called ‘six-foot economy’ for a considerable period of time in order to prevent a re-emergence of the COVID-19 virus. Our main finding is that 23% of all US jobs might face problems to adapt to such an economy. Occupations in healthcare (60% vulnerable jobs), air transport (59%) and the hospitality sector (49%) are especially vulnerable.


Vijf redenen waarom de Britten niet verlengen

De Britten moeten snel een besluit nemen over een verlenging van de transitieperiode. Maar hoe logisch, rationeel en verstandig zo’n verlenging op dit moment ook is, we kunnen niet aannemen dat premier Johnson dit zonder slag of stoot zal doen.


Will COVID-19 force a Brexit extension? (Engelstalig)

Markets and media are focused on everything related to Covid-19, yet the Brexit-clock ticks away in the background. The first real deadlines are nearing fast. There are plenty of compelling arguments to extend the transition period; we challenge the conventional wisdom and look for reasons why the UK government would not ask for more time.


Looking beyond the COVID-19 crisis (Engelstalig)

While we currently expect a V-shaped recovery for the global economy, there is a clear risk of a more U-shaped or even L-shaped recovery. There could also be effects on global growth beyond the 2021 horizon. We expect annual structural growth (up to 2030) in the US to drop from 1.6% to 1.4%. For the Netherlands, structural growth is set to decline from 1.3% to 1.1%.