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An Introduction to the Sustainability Reporting Landscape (Engelstalig)

Sustainability reporting is becoming more important, but the different goals, frameworks and regulations create confusion. This introduction to sustainability reporting outlines the important points that companies should pay attention to.


Economic impacts of a carbon tax (Engelstalig)

The economic impacts of a CO2 tax on combustion vary strongly across sectors, countries and scenarios. Yet, for overall Dutch GDP, it may not matter much whether the tax is introduced only in the Netherlands or also in the EU, EFTA and UK.

Economisch commentaar

COP26, What Can We Expect? (Engelstalig)

To “keep the 1.5°C target alive” within COP26, we need more stringent targets for 2030, not only for 2050. Progress could come from new methane emissions targets and through advancements in discussions on Paris Agreement Rulebook and climate finance.