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Economisch Kwartaalbericht Engelstalige versie

Teleurstellend economisch herstel in 2011

Het afgelopen jaar zagen we een mager economisch herstel. Voor 2011 ligt er niet veel beters in het verschiet. Dit is uitermate teleurstellend gezien de voorafgaande stevige recessie, maar komt niet onverwacht. In de Verenigde Staten, maar ook in een aantal Europese landen, leefden consumenten jarenlang op de pof.


UK: to QE or not to QE? (Engelstalig)

The pace of economic recovery is slowing before the fiscal squeeze has kicked in. But the BoE is hesitant to launch QE2 given the higherthan expected inflation (expectations). There are definitely short-term upside risks to inflation, mostly due to the VAT hike in January 2011.


UK Budget: good politics, bad economics? (Engelstalig)

The UK government claimed that the fiscal consolidation plan will be tough and they certainly did not disappoint. The government plans to reduce its structural budget deficit by 8% of GDP over the next five years.


Is Britain the next Greece? (Engelstalig)

In our view, there are ten reasons why the UK will not go down the ‘Greek path’ anytime soon. But the new government must plug in its fiscal black hole if it wishes to retain its debt sustainability and its cherished AAA rating.