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China: Rising tensions (Engelstalig)

The rising tensions between China, the EU, US, UK and Canada could have wide implications, from hurting the chances of ratifying the recent EU China investment deal to effects on the global supply of cotton.

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Japan: Crawling out of a recession (Engelstalig)

The first signs of Japan’s economic recovery are here, albeit tentative. More fiscal stimulus is on the way. More monetary stimulus might be on the way as well, since core inflation has been negative for three months in a row.


COVID-19 policy response: Spend or lend? (Engelstalig)

The unequal balance between developed and emerging economies becomes painfully clear in the different government response packages to COVID-19. Emerging markets are constrained in their ability to finance appropriate fiscal packages.

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Blik op de wereld: op de golven van onzekerheid

De wereldeconomie lijkt haar dieptepunt te hebben bereikt en veel landen beginnen weer te herstellen. Dit herstel wordt echter verstoord door onzekerheden die samenhangen met (i) de tweede en derde coronagolf, (ii) op de loer liggende negatieve effecten op arbeidsmarkt en productiviteit en (iii) oplopende geopolitieke spanningen.

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Japan: Rising cases and rising tensions (Engelstalig)

The Bank of Japan will probably take a break from stimulus, for now. Meanwhile, coronavirus cases are on the rise again in Tokyo, as are tensions with China. Both represent downside risks to our outlook.