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Licht aan het einde van de Brexit-tunnel?

Deze week staat weer volledig in het teken van Brexit. Het Verenigd Koninkrijk en de EU intensiveren de gesprekken in aanloop naar de Europese Raad op 17 en 18 oktober. Komt er een akkoord, of gaan we toch weer verlengen?

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Brexit Update - Blame games (Engelstalig)

The EU and the UK are treading carefully to avoid any blame when things go wrong, but it remains highly unlikely that a deal will be reached in the next two weeks. This means that there will be yet another showdown in Westminster.

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Brexit Update - Hurricane Brexit (Engelstalig)

A lot has happened since we’ve published our previous Brexit Outlook. The clash between the British Government and Parliament was entirely expected, but eventually culminated into an unprecedented series of dramatic events.


Brexit Outlook: Take control! (Engelstalig)

Prime Minister Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament. While it was an explosive move, confrontation between Johnson and Parliament has always been inevitable. The EU has been betting on the UK parliament to intervene, but the window has narrowed. The risk of a no-deal Brexit is obviously rising, but secondary to the risk of a general election.