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India: Economic Outlook 2020 (Engelstalig)

We forecast economic growth in India of 5.1% for fiscal year 2019/20 and 5.7% for 2020/21. Although we expect the economy to have bottomed out, ongoing structural issues are expected to weigh on India’s medium- and longer-term growth potential.

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Vette en magere jaren

Over 2019 is het overschot op de begroting circa duizend euro per inwoner. Over een paar jaar kan het overschot echter weer omslaan in een tekort. Hoe kan dat? En hoe kunnen we de overschotten toekomstgericht inzetten?


Eurozone recessions, a historical perspective (Engelstalig)

Against a backdrop of increasing talk about a new Eurozone recession, we first take a deep dive into the historical data. We show that since the 1960s there have basically been two types of recessions: common Eurozone recessions and idiosyncratic (country specific) recessions.