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Wat is de beste technologie voor CBDC?

Deze special gaat in op de vraag of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) geschikt is voor een retail CBDC. Op dit moment is dat nog niet het geval. Maar ontwikkelingen gaan snel. Deze special is de vijfde in een reeks.


United States: President Biden (Engelstalig)

While we expect Biden’s policies to boost economic growth, we do not expect them to end the vicious cycle of polarization and social unrest that is undermining the country. In foreign and trade policy, Biden is likely to return to a multilateral approach.


United States: Billions toward Covid-19 relief (Engelstalig)

Democrats and Republicans have finally passed a bill on a new Covid-19 relief package which was signed into law by President Trump on Sunday. The size of the fiscal package is estimated at almost $900 billion, although about half of that is money recycled from the CARES Act.