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Country Report Uruguay (Engelstalig)

Economic growth in Uruguay eased somewhat in 2012, but nevertheless remained decent. The government has tried to fight high inflation through a price freeze, while the overall policy framework remained friendly.


Country Report Lebanon (Engelstalig)

The largest country risks in Lebanon lie in the political sphere, as conflicts between the government and opposition are fierce. The economic outlook is bleak as the regional unrest, particularly in Syria, will weigh on economic activity.


Country Report Dominican Republic (Engelstalig)

Economic growth cooled markedly in the Dominican Republic, while strong pre-election spending led to a deterioration of public finances. The balance-of-payments position remains weak and could deteriorate further if PetroCaribe support were to end.

Economisch commentaar

Thou shalt not beggar-thy-neighbour (Engelstalig)

The G7 statement released today was aimed at addressing concerns over a fresh round of global currency wars. It is vital that the world leaders denounce beggar-thy-neighbour policies at the upcoming G20 meeting in Moscow as well.


Country Report Malaysia (Engelstalig)

Driven by strong domestic demand, real GDP is estimated to have grown by 5.2% in 2012, but weak external demand may lead to a growth slowdown this year. In mid-2013, general elections will be held that will likely be won by the current government.

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt Engelstalige versie

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt februari 2013

De Nederlandse woningmarkt zal de eerste maanden van dit jaar nog geen herstel laten zien. De weinig rooskleurige economische vooruitzichten, dalende koopkracht en oplopende werkloosheid zorgen ervoor dat de prijzen in 2013 onder druk blijven staan.


Turkey: ready to compete? (Engelstalig)

The competitiveness of the Turkish economy is obstructed by a high minimum wage, stringent labor laws and a flawed education system. Improvements are needed to allow Turkey to compete abroad and fully benefit from a young and growing labour market.


Turkey: coping with external imbalance (Engelstalig)

Despite Turkey's economic success over the past decade, its large external imbalance remains a cause for concern. This report considers the risks, as well as the reforms needed to reduce this imbalance and move to a more sustainable growth path.


Country Report Bermuda (Engelstalig)

Following its fourth year in recession, Bermuda’s economy is expected to stagnate this year. The local government has to embark on fiscal consolidation soon, but these efforts should not affect the island’s important (re)insurance sector.


Economic Update Belgium (Engelstalig)

GDP contracted slightly in 12Q4. Growth is expected to have been week across the board and is not likely to rebound strongly in 2013. On the upside, inflation is on a downward trend and agreements are reached to keep labour costs in check.


Economic Update Emerging Markets (Engelstalig)

In some emerging markets, economic growth has started to pick up in the fourth quarter of last year, but not in all. This year should be a better year than 2012, but growth will remain relatively weak and below the long-term trend.


Economic Update France (Engelstalig)

The French economy seems to have contracted mildly in 12Q4. Going forward, sentiment indicators in January point to a deterioration of economic activity, in contrast to the slight improvement seen in several other eurozone countries.


Economic Update United Kingdom (Engelstalig)

GDP contracted in 12Q4. The labour market continues to surprise on the upside. Inflation is expected to rise further, which will be an extra headwind for households this year. There are signs that the Funding for Lending Scheme is gaining traction.


Economic Update The Netherlands (Engelstalig)

The growth performance of the Dutch economy probably remained weak in the fourth quarter of 2012. Sentiment indicators point to stabilisation in the manufacturing industry at the start of 2013.