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Country Report Bosnia and Herzegovina (Engelstalig)

Bosnia’s economy is recovering slightly with the help of IMF support and real GDP growth is expected to be positive again in 2013. However, Croatia’s EU accession and the lack of structural reforms negatively affect Bosnia’s economic outlook.


Country Report Brazil (Engelstalig)

The recent mass protests show that Brazil’s middle class has become more vocal in its demands for better public services. Meanwhile, economic growth has continued to disappoint.


The Argentine Crisis 2001/2002 (Engelstalig)

In the late 1990s, Argentina’s currency peg to the US dollar, pro-cyclical fiscal policies and extensive foreign borrowing left the country unable to deal with economic shocks. This led to a severe currency, sovereign debt and banking crisis.


Country Report Kuwait (Engelstalig)

The new parliament has an opportunity to push through economic reforms if it can control the traditionally high tensions with the government. Major challenges to boost the country’s important oil-sector remain..


Country Report Uzbekistan (Engelstalig)

Economic growth in Uzbekistan is expected to remain strong in coming years. Political tensions have increased over the lingering uncertainty concerning the succession of President Karimov.

Special Engelstalige versie

Institutionele herinrichting eurozone

Sinds het ontstaan van de Europese schuldencrisis is de institutionele vormgeving van de eurozone in een stroomversnelling geraakt. Deze studie beschrijft de institutionele stappen op het terrein van budgettaire, financiële en economische integratie.

Conjunctuurbeeld Engelstalige versie

Nederland: wachten op herstel

Naar verwachting kromp de omvang van de Nederlandse economie opnieuw in 13K2. De bijdrage van de internationale handel aan het BBP-volume valt waarschijnlijk laag of negatief uit.


France: improving conditions (Engelstalig)

France might be able to prevent another GDP contraction in 13Q2. This expectation is based on better-than-expected household consumption and industrial production figures. Overall, we take note of an unexpected improvement of economic conditions.


Belgium: a bumpy road to recovery (Engelstalig)

In 13Q2, GDP growth turned positive after stagnation in 13Q1. Going forward, the recovery is expected to continue, but at a fairly slow pace and subject to downside risks. Robust labour market recovery is not expected before the end of the year.