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Australia: Policymakers shifting gears (Engelstalig)

The recent Australian federal budget represents a shift in budget strategy away from budget prudence towards higher spending. The combination of loose fiscal and monetary stimulus increases inflation expectations. However, the RBA doesn’t expect a rate hike before 2024 due to spare capacity in the economy.


Looking beyond the COVID-19 crisis (Engelstalig)

While we currently expect a V-shaped recovery for the global economy, there is a clear risk of a more U-shaped or even L-shaped recovery. There could also be effects on global growth beyond the 2021 horizon. We expect annual structural growth (up to 2030) in the US to drop from 1.6% to 1.4%. For the Netherlands, structural growth is set to decline from 1.3% to 1.1%.

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Nederland: koelere temperaturen op komst

We verwachten dat de Nederlandse economie in 2020 met 1,2 procent zal groeien. Export en investeringen worden geschaad door onder andere een mondiale groeivertraging. Binnenlands speelt de stikstofproblematiek de investeringen parten. Consumenten blijven een belangrijke groeimotor.


The Role of Hydrogen in the Dutch Electricity System (Engelstalig)

This technical report looks at the role that novel power-to-gas, repowering and storage technologies, including hydrogen, synthetic methane storage and batteries, may play in the transition to a low-carbon electricity system in the Netherlands.