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Germany and further EU integration (Engelstalig)

Elections in Germany in 2013 might result in a stable and EU-friendly grand coalition. However, recent appeals against the ESM ratification suggest that politicians will be constrained by legal boundaries regarding further EU integration.

Economisch commentaar

German deliberations on the ESM (Engelstalig)

On July 10, the German Constitutional Court holds the first hearing regarding appeals against the ESM, the fiscal compact and an amendment to Article 136 TFEU, which legally anchors a stability mechanism in the Treaty.


Conjunctuurbeeld Duitsland

Het BBP groeide met 0,5% k-o-k in 12K1. De groei zal in 12K2 beduidend lager zijn. Ook een kleine BBP krimp kan niet worden uitgesloten. De werkloosheid steeg in juni voor de derde maand op rij.


Economic Update Germany (Engelstalig)

GDP increased by 0.5% q-o-q in 12Q1. Activity is likely to be far weaker in Q2. Even a minor contraction in GDP cannot be excluded. Unemployment rose for the third month in a row in June.