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Country Report Oman (Engelstalig)

Small-scale social unrest remains present in Oman and the increase in current government spending is a concern. Succession risks remain, as long as Sultan Said al Said fails to appoint a successor.


Country Report Curacao (Engelstalig)

Curacao is currently facing difficult times, both politically and economically. While economic growth was again disappointing in 2012, Curacao’s political year was characterized with four different prime-ministers and the killing of a politician.

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly (Engelstalig)

Several signs indicate a possible market recovery. E.g. the affordability of housing and consumer confidence improved due to lower prices since 2008. However, economic upturn is essential for a substantial recovery of the housing market.


Country Report India (Engelstalig)

The market anticipation of Fed QE tapering has sent the Indian rupee to record lows. However, India is not a blameless victim. It struggles with fundamental issues constraining economic growth, large twin deficits and a declining investor confidence on the back of inadequate economic reforms.


Country Report Ghana (Engelstalig)

Ghana sees robust economic growth on the back of the nascent oil sector, but the lack of fiscal discipline raises concerns about future debt sustainability and increasing vulnerabilities.


Country Report South Korea (Engelstalig)

Supported by government measures, real GDP growth in South Korea has been accelerating. Meanwhile, tensions with North Korea have eased, for now. South Korea’s banking sector remains vulnerable to external liquidity risks and rising household debt.


Country Report Kenya (Engelstalig)

Peaceful elections in 2013 restored confidence in Kenya’s political stability to some extent and bode well for economic development, while the large twin deficits remain a matter of concern.


Country Report Turkey (Engelstalig)

Turkey’s large current account deficit and its small stock of foreign reserves make it vulnerable to the effects of tapering by the US Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, there have also been several important political developments.


Country Report Sri Lanka (Engelstalig)

Although economic growth in Sri Lanka slowed down last year, elevated inflation remains a concern. While both the budget deficit and the current account deficit declined slightly in 2012, both deficits remain large.


Country Report Sint Maarten (Engelstalig)

Since its independence in 2010, St. Maarten has been building and extending its own institutional framework, whereby this process is executed slower than expected. Furthermore, economic performance has been weak in recent years.


Country Report Mongolia (Engelstalig)

Mongolia’s economy slowed in 2012 on the back of lower demand from China and slowing FDI inflows. The government has implemented policies to support growth. A more cooperative stance towards foreign investors should help to regain their confidence.