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The Tequila crisis in 1994 (Engelstalig)

In this report we will focus on the crisis of 1994 in Mexico, where a strong devaluation of the peso led to both a currency and banking crisis, while a sovereign crisis was just prevented.


The Mexican 1982 debt crisis (Engelstalig)

In August 1982, Mexico was the first of many Latin American countries to default on its sovereign debt. This report covers the main characteristics of the Mexican debt crisis as well as its main causes and triggers.

Themabericht Engelstalige versie

Prinsjesdag: een herhaling van zetten

De bonte verzameling hoofddeksels is het grootste nieuws van Prinsjesdag. Want de troonrede is opnieuw doordrenkt van de bezuinigingsretoriek. De hoogte van het begrotingstekort lijkt de enige maatstaf te zijn voor de economische toestand in Nederland.


The Russian Crisis 1998 (Engelstalig)

Russia’s fixed exchange rate regime together with its fragile fiscal position appeared to be unsustainable in the course of 1998. By then an outbreak of a severe banking, currency and sovereign debt crisis could not be prevented.

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly (Engelstalig)

Several signs indicate a possible market recovery. E.g. the affordability of housing and consumer confidence improved due to lower prices since 2008. However, economic upturn is essential for a substantial recovery of the housing market.


The Turkish 2000-01 banking crisis (Engelstalig)

Turkey experienced a severe banking crisis during 2000 and 2001. The crisis had a major impact on banking supervision and regulation, as both were extensively strengthened.