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EU Taxonomy Update - First words in a new green language (Engelstalig)

The EU Commission published the next step in the E.U. Taxonomy in June 2020. It includes a proposal to make all large companies and listed SMEs disclose their alignment with the Taxonomy. This report provides an update on the latest developments.


Aanpassing banken aan Basel III en impact op kredietverlening

Banken hebben zich op verschillende wijzen aangepast aan de strengere kapitaaleisen van Basel III. De specifieke aanpassingswijze hangt samen met de ontwikkeling van de kredietverlening door de betreffende banken.


Retail and investment banking (Engelstalig)

In this study we analyse the feasibility of Dutch implementation of the British (Vickers) and American (Volcker) proposals for separating retail and investment banking or a ban on proprietary trading, respectively.