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Structurele verwarring

Om de belastingverlagingen van Trump, de Italiaanse overheidsuitgaven en Fed- of ECB-beleid te beoordelen, moet je het onderscheid weten tussen 'cyclisch' en 'structureel'. Maar zelfs als je het verschil tussen beide kent, ligt een beleidsfout zomaar op de loer.


Nowcasting the Indian economy (Engelstalig)

In this Special we present our new nowcasting methodology for the Indian economy. Our combined model predicts an economic growth for calendar 2018Q4 of 6.3%, which would imply a significant slowdown of economic activity after the already disappointing GDP print of 7.1% in Q3.

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Brexit Update: Extreme brinkmanship (Engelstalig)

The British Parliament rejected the EU-UK Brexit deal on 14 January in a historic defeat for the government. The vote was expected to be a unique opportunity to change the Brexit course, but instead it left us in the same uncertainty.

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Japan: Economic recovery on the cards? (Engelstalig)

We expect the Japanese economy to recover moderately in the fourth quarter of 2018, and this will continue in the first quarter of 2019, but we do not foresee any surprises from the central bank in terms of policy changes. Inflation has not picked up yet, and risks remain tilted to the downside.