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Retail and investment banking (Engelstalig)

In this study we analyse the feasibility of Dutch implementation of the British (Vickers) and American (Volcker) proposals for separating retail and investment banking or a ban on proprietary trading, respectively.

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United Kingdom: Opening the monetary spigots (Engelstalig)

The UK monetary authorities have come up with new credit easing and quantitative easing measures to jump-start the ailing economy. We continue to remain unconvinced that these measures will materially alter the economic outlook.

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UK: Expansionary fiscal austerity is a myth (Engelstalig)

The recent GDP release suggests that the UK has also joined the recessionary club. However, reliable leading indicators point to a high chance of output being eventually revised upwards.

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UK Budget: another missed opportunity (Engelstalig)

The Chancellor decided to stick to his guns. This is unfortunate given the weak economic outlook. The private sector is itself busy cleaning its balance sheet and the external environment remains challenging.

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The Bank of England unleashes QE2.1 (Engelstalig)

The Bank of England extended QE2, in line with our expectation. This may mark the end of the Bank’s easing cycle unless the economy weakens substantially going forward.