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Emerging markets vulnerability heatmap (Engelstalig)

The emerging markets heatmap provides a comprehensive overview of the relative vulnerability of eighteen emerging markets. Results show that Asian countries are in relatively good shape, while Latin American countries are most vulnerable.


Emerging Markets Vulnerability Heatmap (Engelstalig)

We present a ‘new and improved’ version of Rabo’s Emerging Market Vulnerability Heatmap which is constructed from a more comprehensive list of inputs. The heatmap highlights ARS, TRY and ZAR as the most vulnerable emerging market currencies.

Economisch commentaar

Argentinians vote: Macri, carry on! (Engelstalig)

On 22 October, Argentina held legislative mid-term elections and the ruling coalition Cambiemos claimed the victory - an important vote of confidence regarding its reform path.


Latin America: The only way is up (Engelstalig)

Having reached rock bottom in 2016, Latin American economies are performing better in 2017. Most countries have fared well the adverse period, though fiscal positions have weakened across the board.


Argentina: open for business (Engelstalig)

A new government has embarked on a major and much-needed shift in economic policies. The economic recovery is in sight and business opportunities arise in sectors with high catch up potential.


Latin America: turning the populist page (Engelstalig)

The past year has been tumultuous for Latin American politics, characterised by a shift to the right in election results and away from populism in policy, and numerous corruption scandals. Current risk levels are likely to linger in the coming year.


Argentina: economic transition full speed ahead (Engelstalig)

Following opposition victory in the November 2015 Argentinian elections, Argentina changes course on economic policy. The shift is good for the business environment, but not without implementation risks.