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Emerging markets vulnerability heatmap (Engelstalig)

The emerging markets heatmap provides a comprehensive overview of the relative vulnerability of eighteen emerging markets. Results show that Asian countries are in relatively good shape, while Latin American countries are most vulnerable.


Emerging Markets Vulnerability Heatmap (Engelstalig)

We present a ‘new and improved’ version of Rabo’s Emerging Market Vulnerability Heatmap which is constructed from a more comprehensive list of inputs. The heatmap highlights ARS, TRY and ZAR as the most vulnerable emerging market currencies.


De inzichten van Ricardo staan nog recht overeind

Vrijhandel is voor vrijwel iedereen voordelig. De meeste landen hebben ooit gebruik gemaakt van invoertarieven. Toch is het een lomp middel, dat onvoorspelbare, negatieve effecten zal hebben. Beleidsmakers weten dit. Dat geeft reden tot hoop.


South Korea: still going strong (Engelstalig)

Government stimulus helps South Korea’s economy hold ground against domestic and external headwinds. Tensions with North Korea picked up, but are unlikely to have severe consequences.


Asia-Pacific: can Asia’s convergence story continue? (Engelstalig)

Demographics will provide headwinds in the developed countries of APAC and China, and tailwinds in South Asia. While total factor productivity growth has fallen, the innovation outlook for the APAC region is still relatively favourable.