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US-China Trade War: Back to the Future (Engelstalig)

The US had announced USD 50bn of tariffs on Chinese exports and China has responded with a matching USD 50bn of tariffs on US exports. But the US has now raised the ante with a further unspecified USD 200bn of tariffs on Chinese goods - and the threat of a further USD 200bn if China responds again in kind. What is the possible impact and what might happen next?

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Over Bitcoin en inflatie

De stelling dat de bitcoin geen inflatie van betekenis kent kan noch worden bewezen, noch worden verworpen omdat de benodigde informatie ontbreekt.


The oil market in turmoil: a case of losers and winners (Engelstalig)

Scenario analyses shows that a surge in oil prices results in a global economic loss of 0.4ppts-0.9ppts between 2018 and 2022. The economic impact, however, is very unevenly distributed among countries. We distinguish three groups: the vulnerable ones, the lucky ones, and the uncomfortable ones.