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Conjunctuurbeeld Italië

De industriële productie is in het tweede kwar­taal van 2011 na twee kwartalen van krimp en stagnatie weer gegroeid. Deze opleving zal echter van korte duur zijn. De Italiaanse export krijgt last van de vertraging in de wereldhandelsgroei.

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Conjunctuurbeeld Duitsland

Diverse voorlopende indicatoren laten zien dat de groei in Duitsland, net als in de rest van de wereld, een zachte landing doormaakt. Dit wordt met name veroorzaakt door een vertraging van de mondiale vraag.

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Conjunctuurbeeld België

Na een sterk 11H1 verwachten we een afzwakking van de groei in de komende kwartalen. Nu wereldwijd de econo­mische groei vertraagt, zullen ook in België de groeicijfers in 11H2 minder sterk zijn dan in de afgelopen kwartalen.


Country Report Ghana (Engelstalig)

The large macroeconomic imbalances with which Ghana entered the global financial crisis have narrowed recently. However, there are still sizeable vulnerabilities.


Bosnia and Herzegovina (Country report) (Engelstalig)

After the devastating war in the early ‘90s, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) has managed to get itself back on track economically, although many problems remain. Structural unemployment, a big current account deficit, a lack of well-enforced property rights and an bureaucratic and complex fiscal system are just a few of the problems that need solving.


Oman (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The country’s and the sovereign’s solvency is comfortably assured by at least a decade of (often substantial) current account and fiscal budget surpluses, although the value of external assets are not provided. We consider official and hidden reserves to be sufficient to cover for unlikely current account deficits. They are also large enough to defend the fixed exchange rate to the USD.


Price fighters (Engelstalig)

Increased demand in emerging markets, combined with a series of failed harvests have sent food prices through the roof.


Cyprus (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Cyprus looks well on its way of becoming the fourth euro zone country that needs a rescue package. The destruction of a large power plant in July has resulted in an energy crisis with a severe impact on economic growth and the government budget.


Mongolia (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Mongolia’s economy is recovering on the back of strong international demand for its commodity exports. Growth recovered to 6.1% in 2010 and will remain strong in the coming years. Structurally, Mongolia’s economy is weak.


Can eurobonds solve EMU's problems (Engelstalig)

Since the eruption of the Greek budget problems in 2009, the euro is lurching from crisis to crisis. European policy makers are struggling to find a solution for what in the press is nicknamed “the European debt crisis”.