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Country Report Ecuador (Engelstalig)

Ecuador’s return to the international capital markets improved its liquidity. But, the external position remains weak. The interventionist and nationalist tendencies of the Correa government continue.


Country Report Bulgaria (Engelstalig)

Bulgaria’s economic and political situation remains tense, as yet another government stepped down, the local financial system was shaken by organised bank runs, and bilateral relations with Russia soured markedly due to the halt of construction of the South Stream pipeline.


Country Report Algeria (Engelstalig)

Algeria’s social situation remains stable as President Bouteflika was elected for his fourth term in office. The government presented a new five-year plan that once more aims to diversify the economy away from the hydrocarbon sector.


Country Report Qatar (Engelstalig)

Qatar’s economy is likely to expand by a robust 6% in 2014, although it remains highly dependent on the hydrocarbon sector. Moreover, tensions with its GCC neighbours remain a challenge for Qatar given its ambition as an international peace broker.


Infographic Europese begrotingsregels: feit of fabel?

Frankrijk en Italië voldoen in 2014 en 2015 mogelijk niet aan de Europese begrotingsregels. Flexibelere begrotingsregels zijn wenselijk voor de economische groei, maar alleen als hier groei verhogende hervormingen tegenover staan. Dit onderdeel bevat de infographic waarin u in één oogopslag deze studie kunt bekijken.


Country Report Egypt (Engelstalig)

Domestic stability in Egypt has improved markedly and the economy is showing timid signs of recovery. The government has engaged in bold reforms and generous aid from the GCC countries gives Egypt the financial space to gradually implement them.


Country Report Mozambique (Engelstalig)

Mozambique’s economic growth remains strong, but increasing fiscal imbalances might become a challenge in the medium term. A ceasefire agreement between Renamo and Frelimo represents a significant improvement of domestic security and stability.


Country report Indonesia (Engelstalig)

The reform process in Indonesia is not expected to speed up markedly under the new government, but growth is expected to accelerate somewhat. Indonesia remains vulnerable to deteriorating financial markets sentiment.


Country Report Saudi Arabia (Engelstalig)

Weaker oil markets are hurting Saudi Arabia given the high reliance of the economy and government income on the hydrocarbon sector. Fortunately, strong financial buffers provide sufficient mitigation for now.


Country Report China (Engelstalig)

Housing market weakness has lowered China’s GDP growth, but China has so far avoided a hard landing. One year after the Third Plenum, really big economic reform steps still have to be made.


Country Report Mexico (Engelstalig)

Mexico’s economic growth starts to pick up and its economic outlook is also improving, as all intended structural reforms are approved. The most important one, energy, is likely to contribute the most.


Country Report Russia (Engelstalig)

Russia’s economy is slowing down as a result of western sanctions and a drop in oil prices. Its outlook has also deteriorated due to lower investor confidence and a strengthening of the government’s control over the country.


Country Report Bangladesh (Engelstalig)

The political environment in Bangladesh has calmed in recent months and the AL government is likely to sit out its term in office. Growth is strengthening, albeit only very slightly, and the current account surplus will narrow further.