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Infographic Europese begrotingsregels: feit of fabel?

Frankrijk en Italië voldoen in 2014 en 2015 mogelijk niet aan de Europese begrotingsregels. Flexibelere begrotingsregels zijn wenselijk voor de economische groei, maar alleen als hier groei verhogende hervormingen tegenover staan. Dit onderdeel bevat de infographic waarin u in één oogopslag deze studie kunt bekijken.


Country Report Denmark (Engelstalig)

The economic outlook is improving, public and external balance sheets are healthy, and institutions strong. Denmark’s banking system has become more stable, though large dependence on wholesale funding does pose risks. But, the main source of concern is the very high household debt.


Country Report Italy (Engelstalig)

Italy’s recession has come to an end, but the crisis continues. Though, household financial wealth has remained high and the political situation seems to have improved a bit; yet words still have to be turned into action. Besides, weak institutions and large public debt remain a major issue.


Country Report Finland (Engelstalig)

Finland has to deal with a weak economic outlook, waning export sectors, a rapidly ageing population and private sector debt. That said, its public finances and banking system are solid, institutions are strong and the business sector is competitive.