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Hong Kong’s airport’s closure and its meaning (Engelstalig)

The recent HKIA occupation has already hit Hong Kong’s economy and its global reputation; any repeat would be exponentially more damaging. Yet if such action were to trigger a crackdown from China the potential risks would be far larger than just to Hong Kong’s GDP or its reputation.


US-China trade war: no turning back (Engelstalig)

The recent announcement from the US to further up the ante in the trade dispute with China clearly marks a new escalation in the trade war. If one takes China’s recent response into account, it’s hard to see either side trying to ease tensions at this stage.


The US-China trade war in the rerun (Engelstalig)

The US has raised import tariffs from 10% to 25% on 200bn worth of Chinese goods shipped to US shores and China has vowed to retaliate. In this report, we assess the economic impact of these measures, as well as a scenario where the US-China trade war fully escalates.


US-China Trade War: Back to the Future (Engelstalig)

The US had announced USD 50bn of tariffs on Chinese exports and China has responded with a matching USD 50bn of tariffs on US exports. But the US has now raised the ante with a further unspecified USD 200bn of tariffs on Chinese goods - and the threat of a further USD 200bn if China responds again in kind. What is the possible impact and what might happen next?

Economisch Kwartaalbericht Engelstalige versie

Japan: wat kunnen we nog verwachten?

De economische groei in Japan is in het tweede kwartaal teruggevallen naar 0 procent (k-o-k), na een verrassend sterk begin van het jaar. De kans bestaat dat de Bank of Japan stappen zet in de richting van nog onconventioneler monetair beleid.

Economisch Kwartaalbericht

Japan: monetair beleid kan het niet alleen

Verrassende renteverlaging pakt averechts uit op valutamarkt; yen wordt duurder tegenover de Amerikaanse dollar. Onderliggend ontbreekt van Abenomics de pijl van broodnodige structurele economische hervormingen; monetair beleid kan het niet alleen.