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Country Update Macedonia (Engelstalig)

Macedonia is a small, Balkan country, which aims to become a EU candidate next year or so. Its external position is weak and unemployment is a huge issue. Remittances are the lifeline of the country, which, unfortunately, partly come from Greece.


Philippines (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The Philippine economy impresses as it continues to perform well amid a struggling global market. While strong headwinds from the country's main trading partners are likely to persist, a pickup in government spending will help mitigate the effects.


Country Update Tunisia (Engelstalig)

Violent protests and strikes continue in Tunisia and will result in low GDP growth in 2012. Meanwhile, continued unrest will further aggravate the growing external and fiscal imbalances.


Thailand (Country update) (Engelstalig)

The government of Thailand faces some challenging times: recovery of widespread flooding in 2011 and rising political tensions. All of this against the background of a weakening global outlook.


Nicaragua (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Benefitting from strong foreign direct investments, Nicaragua's economy posted 4.7% economic growth last year. Still, Nicaragua remains heavily dependent on politically-motivated Venezuelan financial support.

Economisch commentaar

Grieken kiezen voor Europese dialoog

De uitslag van de Franse en met name Griekse parlementsverkiezingen werken een pro-Europese samenwerking en hervormingen in de hand en zijn daarmee gunstiger dan vooraf gevreesd.


Suriname (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Benefitting from rising gold prices and foreign investment into its mining sector, Suriname's economic growth strengthened to 4.3% last year. However, the passage of an amendment to the Amnesty Law sparked sharp protests from Western countries.


De toekomst begint nu

De toekomst voorspellen is uiteraard een hachelijke onderneming. Toch wemelt het van de waarzeggers in ons land. En niet alleen op de kermis.


Nederland-Duitsland: een voorbeschouwing

In deze column besteden we aandacht aan de meest gevoelige sportieve krachtmeting tijdens het EK: Nederland-Duitsland op 13 juni 2012. Wellicht kan een voor Nederland goed resultaat in dit toernooi nog wat optimisme bij de consument teweeg brengen.


United Arab Emirates (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The UAE has hardly been touched by the political turmoil in the Arab world. Even so, concerns exist on the medium to long-term fallout of the regional turmoil. The economy is expected to grow a sound 3.5% in 2012.


Czech Republic (Country update) (Engelstalig)

The Czech Republic entered its second recession in three years. After the global financial crisis caused the economy to contract by 4.7% in 2009, it has failed to make a full recovery.