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Qatar (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

The domestic social situation in Qatar is stable, but an escalation of the civil war in Syria and the conflict between Israel and Iran remain geopolitical risks. We estimate economic growth at 6.5% in 2012.


Russia (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

The social unrest which marred Putin's presidency has not escalated, due to the government's fierce crackdown on opposition protests. Economic growth is forecast at a moderate 3.8% in 2012 and 3.9% in 2013.


Taiwan (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Taiwan's GDP growth is estimated to slow to 1.3% this year. Taiwan's banking sector is heavily exposed to the risky real estate and export sectors. Taiwan's has ample foreign exchange buffers to prevent liquidity problems.


Indonesia (Country Update) (Engelstalig)

Indonesia's economy has shown great resilience and economic growth is expected to be around 6% this and next year. The political situation is less bright with the reform drive grinded to a halt and the ruling PD party connected to corruption scandals


Economic Update Emerging Markets (Engelstalig)

In 3Q12, economic growth slowed in many emerging markets, including China, Mexico and Poland. This triggered the IMF and others to revise their estimates downward. For China, the end of the slowdown seems in sight, but this is not the case for India.


China (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Economic growth has been slowing in China, to an estimated 7.8% in 2012. In the coming months, a major leadership transition will take place in China. The government's policies are not expected to change.


Economic Update Spain (Engelstalig)

The contraction of the Spanish GDP volume in 12Q3 was much smaller than expected. But this will prove to be a temporary effect, since consumers have frontloaded their spending in August to avoid paying higher VAT rates in September.


Economic Update The Netherlands (Engelstalig)

On 29 October coalition partners VVD and PvdA presented their programme for government. Projected savings of 15? bn euro are to be achieved via measures that are to come on top of proposals under the 1st Rutte cabinet and the 2013 budget agreement.


Economic Update Germany (Engelstalig)

The leading indicators are all weakening, pointing towards softer growth in 12Q4. Hard data are still more resilient, thanks to strong exports. Housing prices continued to rise in 12H1. Consumer confidence is improving amid a worsening labour market.


Zambia (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Zambia has continued to grow at a healthy pace of over 5% a year since 2000, but the country remains highly dependent international commodity price movements. The political climate is expected to remain stable following last year's elections.

Economisch commentaar

Economic visibility must improve quickly (Engelstalig)

Policy uncertainty remains high and this will have negative repercussions for growth. Thus far, financial markets have remained optimistic, but policymakers should not expect this to continue for far longer if policy visibility does not improve.

Economisch commentaar

How are exposures to periphery evolving? (Engelstalig)

Domestic residents of the euro periphery countries have increased their exposure to their respective governments as foreigners headed for the exit. This is an unwelcome development since it further reinforces the link between sovereigns and banks.


Cooperatives and Rural Financial Development (Engelstalig)

In concordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), this publication deals with the importance of poverty reduction through agricultural development and the indispensability of access to financial services for rural populations in emerging and developing countries.


Coalition agreement: the housing market (Engelstalig)

First we had the Spring Agreement, and now we have a coalition agreement. In addition to decisions about all kinds of other areas, measures have been taken for the further reform of the housing market.