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Germany: growth continues (Engelstalig)

We expect that German economic growth accelerates in 2015 on the back of increasing private consumption growth. Falling inflation combined with high nominal pay rises will lead to a further rise in disposable income.


Belgium: slow economic growth continues (Engelstalig)

We expect the Belgian economy to grow by around 1¼% in 2015, supported by household consumption and exports. There will be further economic growth (1½%) in 2016, driven by the global economy and investment, but consumption growth will then slow down.


Spain: solid GDP growth on the back of domestic recovery (Engelstalig)

Rabobank expects the Spanish economy to grow around 2¼% in 2015. This growth is primarily driven by private consumption but public consumption and investment will also contribute positively. Net exports are expected to contribute negatively to GDP as import growth remains strong on the back of domestic demand.

Conjunctuurbeeld Engelstalige versie

Nederlandse economie sluit 2014 sterk af

De Nederlandse economie kende een sterk jaareinde van 2014 als gevolg van tijdelijke opwaartse effecten vanuit de huishoudconsumptie en de woninginvesteringen. Dit jaar versnelt de economische groei doordat de huishoudconsumptie weer gaat bijdragen.