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MKB Regio Top 40 2011

De nieuwe MKB Regio Top 40 is uit! Aan de hand van vijf bedrijfseconomische kengetallen meten we de economische kracht van het MKB in de veertig Nederlandse regio's. Lees hier de uitkomsten over uw regio.


India (Country update) (Engelstalig)

Economic growth in 2011/12 slowed to 6.5% from 8%+ growth figures in the years before. This year, economic growth is expected to be 6% to 6.5%. The government is seen as all important to kick-start economic growth, but the ruling UPA is a lame duck.


Ghana (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Ghana's main economic risk is the country's persisting twin deficit on the current account balance (of 9.4% in 2011) and fiscal balance (of 4% of GDP in 2011).


Kenya (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The upcoming general election period may lead to political and social instability in Kenya, comparable to 2007's election unrest.


Saudi Arabia (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Saudi Arabia is a prosperous country due to an abundance of hydrocarbon resources and is estimated to grow by 5.6% in 2012. The country was hardly affected by contagion from the Arab Spring protests, due to substantial government hand-outs.


Oman (Country Update) (Engelstalig)

Oman's economy will grow by 4.9% in 2012, buoyed by domestic demand and external demand for its oil and gas exports. A downside risk is the uncertain global economy, especially the eurozone peripheral debt crisis and slowing growth in China.


Bosnia and Herzegovina (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

Bosnia and Herzegovina's economic performance remains very weak amid a challenging external environment, while the country's intricate ethnically-based administrative structures prevent a major improvement of the poor business climate.