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Versterking crisismanagement banken

Sinds de kredietcrisis maken regelgevers wereldwijd plannen om de kans op én de impact van nieuwe bankcrises zo veel mogelijk te verkleinen. De versterking van crisismanagement van banken is daar een onderdeel van.

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt Engelstalige versie

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt

De markt voor bestaande koopwoningen heeft een slecht tweede kwartaal achter de rug. Zowel het prijsniveau als de transactieaantallen hebben een nieuw dieptepunt bereikt.

Conjunctuurbeeld Engelstalige versie

Conjunctuurbeeld Nederland

De groei van de economische activiteit lijkt langzaam tot stilstand te komen. De wereldhandel, en daarmee de Nederlandse handel groeit beperkt. Ook de consumenten kunnen en willen de kar niet trekken.


Monthly Update The Netherlands (Engelstalig)

The new Rutte cabinet took up office on 14 October, and has since announced an agenda of severe cost cutting. Most of the savings will involve government (€ 6.1 bn), social security (€ 4.3 bn) and international cooperation (€ 1.9 bn).


Country Report Peru (Engelstalig)

Fuelled by higher commodity prices and improved business and consumer sentiment, Peru has recovered vigorously from the global economic crisis. As a result, the economy is now operating close to full capacity.


Panama (Country update) (Engelstalig)

Benefitting from a large-scale public investment program, Panama’s economy will likely withstand the current global economic slowdown and continue to grow solidly. While government finances remain stable, challenges might arise over the medium-term.


Peru (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Peru’s presidential elections were won by former left-wing radical Ollanta Humala. However, both the policies and the most key economic decision makers of the new government have a very moderate and pragmatic character.


Russia (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The Russian economy remains too reliant on its oil and gas sector while corruption remains deeply embedded. The biggest change since our May 2011 update is the announcement that PM Putin will run for president.


Slovenia (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Owing to its close ties with neighboring Italy and various domestic problems, Slovenia has been suffering from contagion from the euro area debt crisis. Its economic recovery remains highly export-dependent on the back of a sizable banking crisis.


Algeria (Country update) (Engelstalig)

Algeria is experiencing continuing social unrest, although at a smaller scale than many other countries in the region. Meanwhile, the economy continues to grow at about 4% of GDP a year.


Argentina (Country Report) (Engelstalig)

On 23 October 2011, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won the presidential elections convincingly with 54% of the votes. Her party also regained the majority in congress which it lost in 2009. This will give Fernández a strong position in the coming years.