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Politieke ontwikkelingen in Europa

Europese landen worden geconfronteerd met een aantal interne destabiliserende politieke trends, terwijl de spanningen tussen de EU en Rusland waarschijnlijk niet gaan afnemen. TTIP en de nieuwe Europese Commissie zouden de geopolitieke invloed van de EU kunnen verhogen.


Country Report Poland (Engelstalig)

Poland embarked on a broad-based economic recovery, as growth rose from 1.6% in 2013 to 3.3% last year. Large amounts of CHF-denominated mortgages should not derail the recovery, while upcoming elections are unlikely to lead to major policy changes.


Country Report Thailand (Engelstalig)

Almost a year after its coup, Thailand’s economic growth only recovers gradually amid lingering uncertainty about the future direction of the country. While the imposition of martial law prevents social unrest, the military works on a new constitution to prepare the country for elections in 2016.


Country Report Bulgaria (Engelstalig)

Bulgaria’s economic and political situation remains tense, as yet another government stepped down, the local financial system was shaken by organised bank runs, and bilateral relations with Russia soured markedly due to the halt of construction of the South Stream pipeline.


Country Report Algeria (Engelstalig)

Algeria’s social situation remains stable as President Bouteflika was elected for his fourth term in office. The government presented a new five-year plan that once more aims to diversify the economy away from the hydrocarbon sector.