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Country Report The Netherlands (Engelstalig)

The Dutch economy shrank by 4% in 2009, the biggest post-war decline. However, the much stronger than the foreseen upturn in the world trade is the main reason for the economy regaining growth in the second half of 2009.


Triple P Boxtel: een duurzaam perspectief op de regio

Deze Triple P-monitor biedt inzicht in de stand van zaken op het gebied van sociale (People), ecologische (Planet) en economische (Profit) duurzaamheid in Boxtel en beschrijft o.a. de scores voor de economische kwaliteit en de ecologische kwaliteit.


Cameroon (Country report) (Engelstalig)

In the past, Cameroon benefited from being a small oil-exporting economy (10% of GDP, but 40% of exports and fiscal revenues in 2008). Oil exploitation created fluctuating trade and budget surpluses and attracted inward foreign investments.