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Country Report Brazil (Engelstalig)

Economic growth in Brazil is likely to fall below 1% in 2014, as both investment and consumption have been weakening. In the second quarter, the economy officially entered a recession. Meanwhile, the October 2014 presidential elections have become very competitive after Marina Silva’s entry to the race.


Country Report Sint Maarten (Engelstalig)

St. Maarten has experienced moderate economic growth in 2013. One of St. Maarten’s challenges remains building up an institutional framework, as it currently lacks the human and financial resources to develop a good functioning administration.


Country Report Curaçao (Engelstalig)

Curaçao had a slightly disappointing economic performance in 2013. However, both Curaçao’s external position and public finances improved. Nevertheless, these remain important weaknesses.


Country Report Tunisia (Engelstalig)

Two political assassinations threw Tunisia in a crisis and hurt economic growth in 2013. In 2014, the political and security environment improved, as a new technocratic government fostered progress on the transition to democracy.


Country Report Botswana (Engelstalig)

As Botswana is heading for elections, more is likely to stay the same. The same party will continue to rule (since 1966), and the country remains overly dependent on diamonds.

Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt Engelstalige versie

Herstel op de woningmarkt zet door

Het herstel op de Nederlandse koopwoningmarkt zet door. Medio 2013 heeft de markt de bodem bereikt, zowel qua prijsniveau als qua aantal verkopen. Wij voorzien een forse toename van verkopen en lichte prijsstijgingen in 2014 en 2015.


Country Report Uzbekistan (Engelstalig)

Real GDP growth in Uzbekistan is likely to weaken somewhat in the coming years, but remain sound on the back of high (public) investment growth. Would president Karimov decide to run for another term, political uncertainty will be eased, but only temporarily.


Country Report Mongolia (Engelstalig)

Mongolia’s foreign exchanges reserves have decreased rapidly, as FDI in the mining sector has plunged, while import demand has remained high on the back of loose macroeconomic policies.

Economisch commentaar

Argentina defaults again (Engelstalig)

This week, Argentina was unable to reach an agreement with the holdout creditors from the 2001 default. In effect, this means that the sovereign has now defaulted on its debt obligations for the second time this century.