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Nowcasting the Indian economy (Engelstalig)

In this Special we present our new nowcasting methodology for the Indian economy. Our combined model predicts an economic growth for calendar 2018Q4 of 6.3%, which would imply a significant slowdown of economic activity after the already disappointing GDP print of 7.1% in Q3.


The US recession of 2020 (Engelstalig)

The recent flattening of US treasury yield curve has activated our early warning system. Our model now gives a 69% chance of a recession by May 2020 and is increasingly pointing at 2020 as the year of the next recession.


Cybercrimi’s & cryptoknaken

De opkomst van cryptovaluta heeft zowel bijgedragen aan innovatie als aan de opkomst van bepaalde vormen van cybercriminaliteit. De reden daarvan is dat crypto’s de anonimiteit van cash combineren met de voordelen van digitale betalingen.