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Trump: Impeachment without conviction (Engelstalig)

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have decided to start an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. While impeachment is possible as the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, conviction is unlikely as long as the Republicans in the Senate continue to support their President.


The US recession of 2020 (Engelstalig)

The recent flattening of US treasury yield curve has activated our early warning system. Our model now gives a 69% chance of a recession by May 2020 and is increasingly pointing at 2020 as the year of the next recession.

Special Engelstalige versie


Er zit weinig vooruitgang in de economische beleidsagenda van President Trump en een toenemende hoeveelheid tijd en energie in het Witte Huis en op Capitol Hill wordt besteed aan ‘Trumpgate’. We bekijken drie verschillende politieke routes die de VS zouden kunnen volgen.


Trump's executive orders (Engelstalig)

While executive orders allow the President to act unilaterally, the US political system has several checks and balances in place that give the Congress and the courts the power to derail or overturn his decisions. Trade conflicts are the main downside risk of Trump’s executive orders.