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Brexit Outlook: Take control! (Engelstalig)

Prime Minister Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament. While it was an explosive move, confrontation between Johnson and Parliament has always been inevitable. The EU has been betting on the UK parliament to intervene, but the window has narrowed. The risk of a no-deal Brexit is obviously rising, but secondary to the risk of a general election.


Ouderen, is die zuinigheid echt nodig?

Nederlanders maken hun spaargeld niet op tijdens hun pensioen. Groter pessimisme onder 65-plussers zorgt er misschien voor dat ze te grote appels voor de dorst willen houden. Jammer, want er zijn veel nuttige uitgaven te bedenken.


US-China trade war: no turning back (Engelstalig)

The recent announcement from the US to further up the ante in the trade dispute with China clearly marks a new escalation in the trade war. If one takes China’s recent response into account, it’s hard to see either side trying to ease tensions at this stage.