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Japan: Even more stimulus, yet not enough (Engelstalig)

Japan’s government has increased its stimulus package to a whopping 43% of GDP. This, together with increased central bank stimulus, will prevent bankruptcies and unemployment from rising sharply. However, Japan’s economy is already suffering and we still think it will shrink by 4.8% this year.

Economisch Kwartaalbericht

Rente en valuta: is er inflatie aan de horizon?

Na een uitermate turbulente periode zijn de markten door de centrale banken en overheden tot rust gemaand. Maar de zorgen over monetaire financiering nemen wel toe. Is er inflatie aan de horizon en krijgen we te maken met hogere rentes?


India: Economic growth set to plunge as uncertainty rises (Engelstalig)

We have revised our economic projections for India downwards and expect the economy to contract by 2.9% in fiscal 2020/21. The economic stimulus package of 20 lakh crore is expected to prop up growth this fiscal year by 1.8ppts, but more unconventional policy measures (such as debt monetization) seem necessary.