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We hebben de cijfers en conclusies van onze Prinsjesdag-publicaties samengevat in een presentatie.


Peru: positive economic outlook (Engelstalig)

Peru is witnessing a recovery of economic growth, largely driven by increased mining production. Despite a widened twin deficit, prospects are positive.


Jordan’s economy remains in jeopardy (Engelstalig)

Jordan’s social and economic dynamics are severely affected by the Syrian crisis, while the government is making progress in consolidating the budget and reducing reliance on a limited number of energy sources.


Portugal: weak reform momentum threatens feeble growth (Engelstalig)

Portugal continued to grow in 2015, after exiting the EU/IMF bailout programme in 2014, which signals a substantial increase of economic and financial stability. However, reform momentum is weak while the country still has many vulnerabilities.


France: Growth returns but remains structurally weak (Engelstalig)

Economic activity is recovering after several years of near-zero growth. But the French economy still faces many structural challenges, including a relatively weak competitive position, high unemployment and weak public finances.