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Country Report Bulgaria (Engelstalig)

Bulgaria’s economic and political situation remains tense, as yet another government stepped down, the local financial system was shaken by organised bank runs, and bilateral relations with Russia soured markedly due to the halt of construction of the South Stream pipeline.


Country Report Algeria (Engelstalig)

Algeria’s social situation remains stable as President Bouteflika was elected for his fourth term in office. The government presented a new five-year plan that once more aims to diversify the economy away from the hydrocarbon sector.


Rusland: weet wat er speelt

De EU heeft strengere sancties ingesteld tegen Rusland. In deze presentatie vindt u een beknopt overzicht van de achtergronden, de ontwikkelingen tot nu toe, verwachtingen en potentiële gevolgen voor Nederland. De presentatie wordt regelmatig bijgewerkt.


Country Report Bosnia and Herzegovina (Engelstalig)

Bosnia-Herzegovina faces major socioeconomic challenges in the aftermath of devastating floods and months of violent protests. The upcoming general elections in October are unlikely to improve the situation, but increased IMF support should alleviate possible financial problems.


Country Report Poland (Engelstalig)

Poland’s economy continued to rebound strongly in the first half of this year, but growth is likely to weaken amid mutual EU and Russian sanctions. As prime minister Tusk heads for Brussels, a new cabinet may be nominated as soon as early September.


Country Report Lithuania (Engelstalig)

Six months ahead of its euro area accession, Lithuania’s economy performs strongly. While reciprocal EU and Russian sanctions are unlikely to derail growth this year, tensions with Russia may result in further boycotts of Lithuanian products.

Economisch commentaar

Geopolitieke spanningen overschaduwen Europees herstel

Terwijl de Europese economie de afgelopen kwartalen geleidelijk de weg omhoog heeft gevonden, wordt het prille herstel bedreigd door het conflict in Oost-Oekraïne en de resulterende wederzijdse handelssancties.


Country Report Croatia (Engelstalig)

Croatia’s economy is heading for its sixth year of recession, as ongoing deleveraging efforts and structural weaknesses depress growth. Amid worrying public debt dynamics, Croatia’s government increased its fiscal consolidation efforts and adopted some structural reforms.


Country Report Czech Republic (Engelstalig)

The Czech Republic’s economy is heading for a relatively broad-based recovery, after it emerged from an 18-month recession last year. On the political front, early elections following a major corruption scandal yielded a less eurosceptical cabinet.


Country Report Serbia (Engelstalig)

Serbia’s newly-elected government promised to embark on a comprehensive structural reform programme as the country’s fiscal situation has deteriorated markedly, but the prospect of faltering economic growth could confront it with considerable social challenges.


Country Report Austria (Engelstalig)

Austria’s economic growth is set to gain steam, but its banks may face rising challenges in Russia and Ukraine, where they have sizeable exposures. Meanwhile, the re-elected ‘Grand Coalition’ government finally decided on a bad bank solution for Hypo Alpe Adria.


Country Report Slovenia (Engelstalig)

Slovenia avoided a sovereign bail-out last year, as an asset quality review revealed manageable bank recapitalization costs. Yet, the country is not out of the woods yet, as its increasingly instable government struggles to rein in this year’s budget deficit.


Country Report Hungary (Engelstalig)

Thanks to a policy-induced rebound of domestic demand and solid exports, Hungary exited recession last year while keeping its budget deficit below 3% of GDP. Yet, sustainability concerns remain, as unorthodox policies will likely continue beyond the parliamentary elections in April.


Country Report Latvia (Engelstalig)

Following a period of strict fiscal consolidation and economic rebalancing, Latvia joined the euro area in 2014. Its economy continues to rebound strongly from a very deep recession in 2009 despite tight local credit conditions and weak external demand.

Economisch Kwartaalbericht

Economisch Kwartaalbericht in vogelvlucht

De wereldeconomie zal in 2014 en 2015 naar verwachting langzaam herstellen. Over de gehele linie zijn de risico’s iets kleiner dan de afgelopen jaren, maar eventuele schokken kunnen in dit stadium wel grote gevolgen hebben.